What is blogging and how can I start my own blog?

What is blogging and how can I start my own blog?

how might I start my own blog? 

In case you’re searching for a free, simple, bit by bit control on the best way to begin a blog, at that point you’ve gone to the correct spot. 

The most effective method to begin a blog in 5 stages 

There are five primary advances you’ll have to check off so as to begin a blog: 

Stage 1: Decide on your blog name and specialty 

Stage 2: Choose which stage is best for you 

Stage 3: Pick a web to have for your blog 

Stage 4: Customize your blog with the ideal topic 

Stage 5: Write and distribute your first blog entry 

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Stage 1: Decide on your blog name and specialty 

Hands up in the event that you need to begin a blog yet don’t have the foggiest idea what theme you need to blog about 

On the off chance that you definitely comprehend what you need to blog about, it’s an ideal opportunity to think about a name. 

Prior to choosing a name, here are a few interesting points. 

What will your blog be about? Is it a specialty subject or a progressively broad blog? 

Will your picked name permit you to alter course on the off chance that you differ your specialty? 

Try not to utilize words that are hard to spell or articulate, and utilize short words where conceivable. 

.COM is the most mainstream space expansion decision, so expect to get this in the event that you can. 

On the off chance that you have the ideal name and a.COM expansion isn’t accessible, you could attempt a .NET or.ORG, or a nation explicit augmentation, for example, .IN. 

When you have picked your area name, it’s an ideal opportunity to check if it’s accessible. This is effortlessly finished with Instant Domain Search. 

Instructions to begin a blog – Instant Domain Search 

While it’s significant that your space name speaks to you as well as your image, a key takeaway from this is to not overthink it. 

Stage 2: Choose which stage is best for you​ 

Since you’ve chosen a name and specialty for your blog, you may be pondering which stage to utilize. 

The main stage I suggest is WordPress. 

Step by step instructions to begin a blog – WordPress Statistics 

On the off chance that this isn’t persuading enough, here are some more reasons why you’ll cherish WordPress as much as I do: 

It’s very simple to utilize – the straightforwardness is, for me, a most fulfilling aspect concerning utilizing WordPress. There’s no coding required, simply snap to include content squares. Indeed, even most non-geek individuals will think that it’s simple. 

WordPress has a gigantic help network – there’s simply such a large number of individuals utilizing WordPress, which implies on the off chance that you ever have an issue, odds are you’ll discover the arrangement in one of the WordPress backing or designer gatherings. 

WordPress modules – there are a large number of modules accessible, permitting you to get your site working precisely how you need to. You can implant mixed-media content on your destinations, for example, recordings, slideshows, and even digital recordings. 

Be that as it may, should I pick WordPress.com or WordPress.org?​ 

Incredible inquiry. Every ha its own arrangement of favorable circumstances and detriments, however, I will consistently suggest WordPress.org. 

The principle contrast is that WordPress.com is a facilitated site, though WordPress.org is self-facilitated. 

This means on the off chance that you decide on WordPress.com, you can pursue an arrangement, select a subject, and distribute your site. 

With WordPress.org you should purchase your area name and web have independently, and afterward connect everything together. 

Presently, I realize this may sound alarming to a few, however, don’t stress! This is made overly simple with Bluehost’s! 

Stage 4: Customize your blog with the ideal theme​ 

Congrats! That last advance was a major one to finish, however you arrived! 

Select a WordPress – Theme 

When you have discovered a subject you like, make a point to see it first. Snap-on the three specks in the base corner to open up the alternatives, and afterward click on Live demo. 

When you have chosen, check for responsiveness – how can it look on a cell phone? You can without much of a stretch check for this by tapping on the dropdown menu on the upper left corner and choosing the gadget you wish to audit. 

When you’ve picked your topic, you’re prepared to introduce it and get to composing your first post!! 

Stage 5: Write and distribute your first blog post​ 

We’re here! At last, you are prepared to begin making content for your blog! 


In the event that you discovered this valuable and you have distributed your first blog, if it’s not too much trouble to share your connection, I couldn’t imagine anything better than to perceive what you’ve done. 

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